World Languages

  • Pathways to Biliteracy 20-21

    BPCS currently offers World Languages Programs:

    Elementary FLEX World Languages Exploratory Program (Spanish Special)

    Program Description:

    The goal of this program is to emphasize oral use of the Spanish language in everyday childhood experiences and develop language and cultural awareness that emphasizes cross-cultural appreciation and contrast.  Program Components: Listening, Speaking and Culture.

    By the end of fifth grade, the students will:

    Respond to simple visual and oral stimuli.

    Become familiar with gestures and expressions that enhance verbal message.

    Be able to follow simple instructions.

    Become familiar with games and age-appropriate cultural activities including music, visual arts and theater.


    The goal of the program is to develop student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the target language and demonstrate cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors in the target language.

    List of World Language Courses Offered 2020-21

    Middle School

    All Middle Schools offer Spanish as a Second Language for High School credit. Some Middle Schools offer Chinese, French and Spanish S.

    High School

    All High Schools offer World Languages. Languages are offered according to the needs of the community.  The following languages are offered: American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish and Spanish for Spanish Speakers in levels I and above.

    All High Schools offer Advanced Placement courses. AP courses are offered in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish Language and Culture and Spanish Literature. Students obtain college credits if they score 3 and above in the AP exam. Some Universities only accept 5 in the AP exam.

    Selected High Schools offer International Baccalaurean and Cambridge and dual enrollment.

    If you are fluent in another language and would like to take a test to prove proficiency, you will need to meet the passing level on one of the Seal of Biliteracy assessments.  Once you have achieved the passing score, bring results to the school registrar who will then ensure that you are eligible for the Florida Seal of Biliteracy.

    World Language Logo

    Academic Competitions

    Students in the World Languages program participate in the District World Languages Academic Competition in a variety of categories to demonstrate their knowledge of the target language they are learning.

    Declamation – provide students the opportunity to learn original literary pieces of the target language they are learning.

    Impromptu Speaking – provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their oral communication skills.

    Skit - students act from an original play written by the students in the target language.

    Play – Original literary piece acted by students in the target language. It provides students the opportunity to learn about the literature of the target language they are learning.

    Projects/Posters – students demonstrate their knowledge of the culture of the language they are learning.

    New Media – Students demonstrate their ability to use technology in the world languages classroom.

     World Languages Leadership

    Blanca Guerra, Curriculum Supervisor

  • Documents/Forms for program implementation can be accessed on the secure Bilingual-ESOL SharePoint