Gifted and Talented

Separate pictures of elementary, middle, and high school students doing gifted work
  • Every parent wants their child to succeed in school but we know that sometimes it can be a challenge to parent a gifted child. Finding the appropriate activities, resources and materials to keep them interested can be time-consuming. Gifted children need to be appropriately challenged so that they are engaged in their learning and continuously making progress.

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Tequesta Trace Middle School (TTMS) Gifted Program

  • TTMS Uses A Gifted/High Achievers Enrichment Model:

    • Content with more depth and breadth
    • Discussions and activities will include more complexity or abstract thought than the general classes
    • The curriculum will follow the same instructional focus calendars and benchmarks as advanced classes but will go deeper or delve into related topics during discussions
    • Activities may be more open-ended and student-driven
    • Example-different rubrics, vocabulary and expectations

    Gifted Educational Plan (EP)

    • Describes individual child and sets broad overarching goals for a two-year plan
    • Measurable goals for Academic Areas including Research, Writing, Technology, Creativity, Leadership ect.
    • Will address a need with Social of Independent Functioning Levels as needed
    • Quarterly reports on general progress with a report card
  • 6th Grade Gifted Teachers

    Crystal Taylor, Social Studies 

    Jennifer Wilson, Language Arts 

    Barbara Shields, Science 

  • 7th Grade Gifted Teachers

    Kimberly Beitz, Social Studies 

    Emily Smith, Language Arts 

    Varetta Cooper, Science 

  • 8th Grade Gifted Teachers

    Gayle Swinerton, Science 

    Robert Divine, Social Studies 

    Janet Morton, Language Arts

  • Support Facilitators

    Meet our ESE Support Facilitators!

    • Ms. Rachwal oversees 6th grade 
    • Mr. Cunningham oversees 7th grade 
    • Ms. McDonald oversees 8th grade 

    Their job is to ensure that our mainstream ESE students experience success in and out of the classroom. They work closely with students, teachers, parents, and other support personnel to implement goals, update and monitor accommodations for optimal learning, and provide an overall support system for our students. Together, they demonstrate that teamwork absolutely makes "the dream work"!

    Contact them through our School Staff Directory.