• Service Learning Hours

    The purpose of the Service Learning Graduation Requirement and the Student Volunteer Service Program is to acquaint high school students with the need to become participating agents of change by providing service to both their school and community. 


    Please download the appropriate application form & log sheet below:

    Volunteer Application Form (REQUIRED for all off campus hours)

    Student Volunteer Log Sheet 

    Service Hour Resources:

    Hands on Broward

    Volunteer Match


    Service Learning is defined as

    An educational method by which participants learn and develop through active participation in service that is conducted in and meets the needs of a community. Service learning is coordinated with a school or community service program and with the community. It is integrated into and influences the lifelong learning of a participant and includes structured time for the participants to reflect on the service experience.

    Service learning teaches the skills of civil participation and develops an ethic of service and civic responsibility. Students can provide service in the community on a voluntary basis to public, nonprofit agencies, civic, charitable and governmental organizations and school campus.

    Service Learning and Volunteer Service Program is divided into three tiers.

    Tier I Service Learning Hours required for graduation.

    Tier II Service Learning and Volunteer Service Hours required to qualify for the Florida Academic Scholars Program (one of the Bright Futures Scholarships).

    Tier III Volunteer Service Hours required earn a silver cord at graduation.

    Community Service Application and Approval Forms

    This form must be filled out completely and submitted prior to undertaking any service that is not connected with a school recognized club or organization. A student does not need this form if he/she is participating in a service activity undertaken by a school-sponsored club, class or organization of which he/she is a member. Please note, however that not all projects undertaken by school clubs and organizations count for service hours. The community service Application and Approval Form must be turned in ten days prior to undertaking the project.

    Tier I

    The Service Learning Graduation Requirement
    Community involvement is critical to success in education. Student participation in community service activities build an awareness of society and a connection between classroom and real world issues. Service Learning is a method through which students learn about and develop a commitment to addressing needs in their communities.

    Service Learning hours, as a graduation requirement, provide students with the opportunity to develop a long-lasting sense of responsibility to society.

    Students who wish to earn a Standard Diploma must meet the graduation requirement of 40 service learning hours plus a written reflection. Students should be encouraged to use their service learning experiences as discussion or written topics whenever appropriate as a part of class assignments.

    Guidelines Specific to the 40 Hour Service Learning Requirement

    1. All high school students seeking a Standard Diploma are required to participate in the program.
    2. Service performed over the summer or performed as part of an organization that is not a school sponsored club or organization must meet Service Learning Guidelines to earn Service Learning hours.
    3. All Service Learning Hours must be documented on the Service Learning Record-Graduation Requirement Tier 1 Log Sheet. Tier 1 Log Sheets must be returned to the Service Learning Coordinator. Students must retain a copy of this form for their records. Students may start earning Service Learning Hours as soon as they are promoted to ninth grade.


    Go to the district website at  https://www.browardschools.com/servicelearning for more student volunteer information.