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University Acceptances 2024

  • As of January 18, 2023

    Florida Atlantic University                            

    Rebecca A.

    Peyton G.

    Diego G.

    Gisbelle H.P.

    Kevin I.

    Noah J.

    Christina L. – Honor's

    Lucas M. – Honor's

    Yolanda P.

    Eliza P.

    Mia R.

    Christopher R. – Honor's

    Alegna R.

    Lauryn R.

    Joshua S.

    Alec V.

    Mia V.


    Florida Polytechnic University

    Noah J.


    University of Central Florida

    Rebecca A.

    Karla G.

    Shania H.

    Lucas M.

    Yolanda P.

    Mia R.

    Christopher R.

    Lauryn R.

    Juliet V.


    Barry University

    Jania A.

    Roodmille A. $cholarship

    Katherine B. $cholarship

    Briana C.

    Peyton G.

    Shania Harry $cholarship

    Tyrinn H. $cholarship

    Christina L. $cholarship

    Genesis M.      

    Adaeze O.

    Angela S. C. $cholarship


    Edward Waters College

    Peyton G.


    Florida Memorial University

    Peyton G. $cholarship

    Tyrinn H. $cholarship

    Benjamin J. $cholarship

    Christina L. $cholarship

    Adaeze O. $cholarship

    Yolanda P. $cholarship

    Christopher R. $cholarship


    Florida Southern University

    Christina L.

    Angela S. C.


    Nova Southeastern University

    Karla Gonzalez $

    Maya Heby $

    Yolanda Paul $

    Eliza Pavlova $

    Mia Ramirez $

    Angela Sanchez Cruz $


    University of Alabama

    Sara T. $cholarship

$1.6 Million In Scholarships Accepted for the class of 2021

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  • 7% of Sheridan Technical High School Class of 2021 graduates chose to enter the workforce during the unusual COVID-19 pandemic.