Student in Classroom
  • Wildcat Academy of Excellence Program 

    What is Wildcat Academy of Excellence?

    • Challenging, College Prep Programs for gifted and high achieving students
    • Advanced academic courses beyond middle school curriculum which includes High School Honors Courses
    • Specialized field trips with an educational twist.  (Cultural, Environmental, Historical, Community Events)
    • Qualities of a Wildcat Academy student include Integrity, Organized, Motivated and a commitment to being successful.


    The Wildcat Academy of Excellence is our advanced academic programs that are designed for students who have the maturity to complete a rigorous level of academics. Potential candidates should have the discipline to organize and use their time wisely.

    Key features of the programs are:

    • Writing across all the content areas.
    • Upper-level mathematics courses.
    • Critical thinking skills across all academic areas.
    • Hands-on and technology-driven instruction.
    • Preparation for students in a multicultural and global world.
    • Preparation for the Quantum Leap program at Coral Springs High.

    Admissions is based on past academic achievement, FSA achievement, and a student's demonstrated desire to excel. Students in the program must maintain a 3.0-grade point average in order to remain in good standing.