Faculty and Staff
  • The Faculty and Staff at Annabel C. Perry PreK-8 would like to welcome you to our school. We are here to provide quality education in a safe and secure environment! Our principal, assistant principals, office staff, counselors, teachers, and support staff are ready to work with you as partners in your child's education. Contact ACP Staff anytime if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Jennifer Williams-O'Neal, Ed.S., Intern Principal

    Jennifer Williams-O'Neal, Ed.S., Intern Principal Welcome back to the second half of the school year at Annabel C. Perry PreK-8!  Our faculty and staff are continuing to work collaboratively to ensure that we provide a high-quality instruction for your child while maintaining  a safe and supportive learning environment. As we embark on a new era in education, we encourage all families to be involved in their child's daily learning. Be sure to communicate with your child’s teacher, monitor your child's Pinnacle frequently, and attend monthly School Advisory Council Meetings.  We also encourage you to utilize this website in order to receive up to date information on the events we have taking place at our school.  

    With your help and support, we will collaboratively build a successful path for your child from elementary to middle and high school. I look forward to forming and building positive relationships with everyone to make your experience at Annabel C. Perry Pre K-8 the best one thus far. Please do not hesitate to contact me through email or by phone with any questions or concerns that you have. I look forward to a successful second half of the school year.

    Educationally Yours,

    Jennifer Williams-O'Neal, Ed.S.

    Intern Principal

  • Attendance Clerk

    Melisa E. Neely, Attendance Clerk

    Attendance Phone Number: 754-323-7052

    Fax Number: 754-323-7090

  • Registrar

    Melisa E. Neely, Registrar

    Main Office Number:754-323-7050

    Fax Number: 754-323-7090

  • Office Manager

    Joyce Forrester, Office Manager

    Main Office Number: 754-323-7050

    Fax Number: 754-323-7090

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