Principal's Message

  • Mrs. Thelmas Dear Parrot Family,

    My sincere wishes that you and yours are healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. You’ve been missed! I welcome you back for the 2020-2021 school year. A year unlike any we have ever known. Please know, I am confident that together, home and school, we will provide a quality education for your scholar.

    I implore you to assist us as we provide instruction and assignments. Unlike last spring, when we were essentially in survival mode, we are beginning a school year where all essential elements which enter into a student’s quarterly report card grade will be considered. This means attendance, participation, assignments, and assessments will all be an integral part of your child’s grade.

    We are faced with uncertainty on every level. However, our concern as educators and parents is to provide the elements essential for the learning of all scholars. While education, as we knew it does not exist at this point, understand that we are vested with the commitment that your scholar masters the appropriate standards in order to advance their learning.

    Please know, I welcome you to contact me in the event you have questions or concerns. Additionally, know that as we grow and learn together, our unity will provide for our scholars an experience that is safe, productive, and predictable. Attributes so incredibly important in the lives of our scholars.


    Mrs. Thelmas