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  • The Faculty and Staff would like to welcome you to our school. We are here to provide quality education in a safe and secure environment! Our principal, assistant principal, office staff, counselor, teachers, and support staff are ready to work with you as partners in your child's education. Contact CPE's staff anytime if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Stephanie Reyes, Assistant Principal

    Stephanie Reyes Dearest Parrot Scholars, Parents and all Stakeholders,

    Welcome back!  Your warmth, smiles and all which makes us a family have been missed. I am extremely grateful that we are reunited as we embark on the start of an unprecedented school year. A year which promises to be filled with unequivocal challenges as we keep our eye on the prize of providing our scholars with an outstanding education. 

    Now, as never before, we must unite as equal partners. In the words of Greek philosopher Aesop, “United we stand, divided we fall.” It is critical for scholars, parents and school to share in this challenge with diligence. To do otherwise will weaken the structure we are building. Granted, this venture of resuming virtual education will come with both seen and unseen challenges. Consequently, we must be united in our efforts to ensure all scholars have steadfast support.

    The camaraderie already shared by our Parrot family will serve all members of our team well. Our continued cohesiveness is essential and must remain unwavering as we tackle this new normal head-on! We ask for your assistance in establishing routines and assuring ongoing daily attendance. On a daily basis, please be proactive in your child’s education by reviewing their lessons and homework. All of us have a position to cover and designated roles and responsibilities. We share with you the commitment to the continual growth and development of all students and are confident that our joint efforts will meet with success.

    Our shared mission and collective determination will, without question, ensure a productive school year rooted in the belief that all students can and will learn, grow and flourish. I look forward to working with our dedicated educators and all stakeholders. As always, I remain available to you and ask that you do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


    Educationally yours,

    Stephanie Reyes

  • Registrar

    Kathy Woods, Registrar

    Main Office Number:754-323-5050

  • Office Manager

    Maria Delgado, CPE Office Manager

    Main Office Number: 754-323-5050

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