What Is PTA?

  • PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association.  The mission of the PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality.
    Please join the PTA, attend meetings, and volunteer to support PTA activities and projects

  • Hands


    • Powerful voice for all children.
    • Relevant resource for families and communities.
    • Strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.
    • Serve as a type of forum where parents, teachers, administrators, and other concerned adults discuss ways to promote quality education, strive to expand the arts, encourage community involvement, and work for a healthy environment and safe neighborhoods.


    • Regular updates on school activities and policies.
    • Access to teachers and administrators at your child's school.
    • Access to parents of other children at the school.
    • A forum to discuss concerns and problems at school
    • If the problem needs attention from the state or national government, any local, district, or state PTA can bring the issue to the attention of the National PTA.
    • Access to resources on parenting, education, and more from the National PTA.
    • Appreciation from teachers for all your help.
    • Education about school policies, state funding, and other issues concerning your school.
  • Welcome Letter from PTA

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!!  Please read the Welcome Back Letter from our PTA.

    PTA Welcome Letter 2021-2022

  • PTA Board 2021-2022

    Tina Linn- PTA President
    Jill Foldessy- 1st VP
    Andrea Shearman- 2nd VP
    Kirstin Smith- 3rd VP
    Ingrid Ayala – 4th VP
    Val Mayer- Corresponding Secretary
    Darlene Bragg – Recording Secretary
    Cheri Archer Silveria- Treasurer

    If you need to reach any member of our PTA board, please email quietwaterselementaryPTA@gmail.com

  • PTA Meetings and Agendas

    Date Time Location Agenda Minutes
    September 2021 TBA September Agenda September Minutes
    October 2021 TBA October Agenda October Minutes
    November 2021 TBA November Agenda November Minutes
    December 2021 TBA December Agenda December Minutes 
    January 2022 TBA January Agenda January Minutes
    February 2022 TBA February Agenda February Minutes 
    March 2022 TBA March Agenda March Minutes
    April 2022 TBA April Agenda April Minutes
    May 2022 TBA May Agenda May Minutes

  • PTA News

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