Principal's Message

  • Carlton Campbell Principal Pines MSDear Pines Family and Friends,

    Greetings! As we navigate the Spring Semester, schools across Broward County are beginning the assessments to evaluate student achievement. We are proud to report that the early data reports from our iReady Checkpoints assessments,, and Achieve3000 reflect positive growth. I am confident that Pines Middle School will once again demonstrate excellence in increased student performance on our end of year assessments.

    The hard work and dedication of faculty and staff implementing the instructional focus calendar ensures that no child is left behind at Pines Middle School. We have successfully implemented several Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) to enrich and remediate our students as much as possible beyond the normal school day.

    The Spring Semester provides new and innovative opportunities to improve the entire learning community. We are very fortunate to have our board members and Superintendent Dr. Vickie Cartwright as our voices for positive change with the State Governor’s office.

    Finally, we would like to extend a special congratulations to all winners in our schoolwide and district-level competitions such as Literary Fair, Black History Month, and We are proud of you!

    Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful rest of the school year!

    Carlton B. Campbell, Principal