Technology with Global Communications Theme



    C. Robert Markham Elementary is a Global Communications & Technology Magnet school. Our program engages students in experiences and projects. The academic program motivates students to utilize their skills while preparing them to compete in the twenty-first century


    Broward County Schools Magnet Programs offers students a wide variety of program choices. For many students and parents, selecting the right theme is frequently the most difficult aspect of choosing a magnet program. The best advice? Do your homework! Research several programs, narrow your search based on your findings, then follow-up by gathering additional information about the remaining choices. Confident decisions stem from educated research!



    Our school’s magnet program focuses on technology and global communications. In an effort to revitalize this magnet program, during the 2015/2016 school year, our school leveraged SMART bond funding and magnet funding allocated to our school to significantly upgrade the network infrastructure and school’s television production studio. This money was spent to create a state-of-the-art production studio to provide Markham Elementary students with world-class 21st century learning opportunities.


    Each day Markham Elementary students learn and develop skills in television production, journalism, research, reading, writing and presentation skills. The students’ broadcast studio has been modernized to a green room, which allows for digital manipulation of the background and full digital integration of broadcast content during broadcasts



    This provides Markham Elementary students with a real world experience on how an actual television production studio works. Students take charge of every aspect of their live broadcasts. These experiences include running the technical operations of the equipment, operating multiple teleprompters, reporting as news and weather anchors from the studio, and video production.


    The daily opportunity to hone their talents and learn new techniques allows students to develop 21st century skill sets that enhance their academic growth. Markham Elementary students boast with pride about their experiences now – compared to previous years. Markham’s senior student anchor/co-producer shares, “We are learning from the best with the best equipment!”