CGHS Summer Assignments 2022-2023
  • CGHS Summer Assignments 

    All summer assignments listed are to be completed before the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

  • Mrs. Luna APHG Summer Assignments 2022

    APHG Summer Assignment 2022

  • Mr. Newman - AP Psychology Summer Assignment

    Read "40 Studies That Changed Psychology." Any edition/year will be fine. Students need to purchase or borrow the book. Students can buy a used copy on Amazon for under $10. Work must be handwritten.
    For each study, the students need to:  

    1) Summarize the study.
    2) Discuss the significance of the study.
    3) Discuss the real-world application of the findings. Two large paragraphs (about a page per study) is usually            sufficient. 

  • AP Literature & AP Language Summer Assignment

    Welcome to AP Literature and AP Language!!  To prepare for the course, we would like for you to read the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston.  You may check out a copy from Mrs. Henry in room 457 if you'd like.)

    As you read, do the attached assignment.  When school starts, the assignment will open on Canvas and you will have a bit of time to submit.  

    We encourage you to READ, READ, READ this summer, as that is the best practice you can have for preparing for both of our courses.  We look forward to meeting you and teaching you in the Fall. 🙂

    2022 AP Literature_AP Language Summer Assignment

  • Mr. Ferrell - AP Chemistry Summer 2022 Assignment

    AP Chemistry Summer 2022 Ferrell

  • Ms. Golio - AICE English Language Summer Assignment

    AICE English Language Summer Assignment 2022-2023

  • Mr. Horner - AP Biology Summer Scavenger Hunt

    Summer assignment for AP Biology
    Horner AP Biology Summer Scavenger Hunt

  • Dr. Bradley - AICE English General Paper 9th Grade Only

    Summer Assignment AICE English General Paper 9th Grade Students