Coral Glades High School Profile


  • Coral Glades High School's vision is to provide students with a challenging and rigorous curriculum to meet the demands of the 21st century. 


  • Innovation: 

    • Utilize flexible strategies in seeking and evaluating effective, compelling approaches to teaching throughout the curriculum.
    • Integrate technology throughout the curriculum. 

    Intellectual Curiosity:

    • Develop enquiring minds.
    • Expand student knowledge with both theoretical and real-life applications.

    Individual Achievement:

    • Convey a sense of caring to all students.
    • Accommodate individual differences while seeking strategies that best meet each student's needs.
    • Develop support programs and courses to provide the best avenue for academic achievement.


    • Team within the school and community.
    • Establish new academic configurations to better assist students.
    • Seek links between disciplines.
    • Develop support teams that include all stakeholders, guidance counselors, administrators, faculty and parents. 

    Global Connections:

    • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the international community.
    • Celebrate student diversity and cultures.
    • Encourage students to become multilingual citizens.