Stranahan High School Profile

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

  • A School Improvement Plan (SIP) containing specific objectives and action steps for achieving Florida's educational goals is required for all schools. The SAC has the primary responsibility for monitoring the implementation of the annual SIP. The SIP must be approved by the School Board.

  • SHS Mission Statement

    The mission of Stranahan High School Community is to empower students with the academic, social, and career decision-making skills, to prepare them to become productive, responsible citizens in a global society, and to pursue a career plan that meet the challenges of today's workplace.

  • Alma Mater

    From thee skill and science flow,

    All our knowledge we thee owe,

    let our colors men see, Stranahan we bow to thee,

    May each son look up to thee, in defeat or victory,

    Alma Mater, we love thee,

    With loyalty