The viewer allows parents and students to access real-time grades and attendance via the internet. This is a wonderful too to stay up-to-date on how your child is progressing in his / her classes. The viewer allows you to receive email alerts when your child’s grade drops below a specified average or when your child is absent from a class.

    To register, you will need your child’s Student Identification Number and a Date of Birth to access your child’s information. The Student Identification number is a specific county issue number that appears on your child’s schedule, interim report and report card.  If you do not have access to these sources any of your child’s teachers can give him / her this number.

    You are able to access your child's grades and attendance from home using the Pinnacle Internet Viewer. Follow these simple instructions and keep track of your child's progress.

    To access the Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV), go to:



    Username:          (Student 10-Digit Number)

    Password:           PMM/DD/YEAR (Capital P+2 digits for month/2 digits for the day/4 digits for the year)

    For Example:       December 10, 2000, the password would be P12/10/2000