Principal's Message

  •  Mrs. Denise H. Lawrence
    Hello Endeavour PLC Parents/Guardians:

    We welcome you back Virtually to the 2020-21 school year.! 

    Our theme for this year is “All Aboard the Endeavour Express.”  We are your EPLC Conductors and we are ready to “Depart for our destination to eLearning City.”

    You are an instrumental key in making the delivery of eLearning successful with our students. The journey that we will take this year will have its ups, downs, and some brief stops along the way, but we will strive to reach our destiny.   We are confident we will provide our students the best educational experiences during the journey!

    Our dedicated "Teacher Engineers and Staff" are ready to receive our passengers (Your child) to begin our eLearning journey.

    We are creating engaging interactive live lessons that will challenge and expand your child's critical thinking skills.

    Please access our districts "Parent Hub" to obtain more information on the opening os schools for 2020-21 school year.

    Your Proud Principal,
    Mrs. Denise H. Lawrence