Math Superstars

  • Math Superstars is a program designed to enhance your child’s progress in mathematics. It is an enrichment program sponsored by the volunteers at Village Elementary. This year, students in Third Grade are welcome to participate in this voluntary program. If you and your child choose to participate, please click here to download the form.

    A worksheet will be provided to your child every Wednesday. All students must return their worksheet the following Wednesday morning by 8AM. A bin will be located in the cafeteria to collect student worksheets. Volunteers will check the worksheets and they will be returned each week. Student scores will be tallied and posted within the building. All decisions regarding student solutions are final. All of the worksheets are available online to download and are due the following week, you can download the worksheet from our School Calendar here in the website, just go to the particular date.

    Parents’ role in Math Superstars is to encourage and facilitate your child’s problem solving efforts. Feel free to suggest a strategy for solving the problem, offer counters or manipulative, or listen as your child shares his or her thinking. DO NOT GIVE THE ANSWERS OR CHOICES. It is normal for a child not to be able to complete every problem on a worksheet, and it is a voluntary program, so no grades are given.

    Students in Third Grade are required to complete 20 out of 25 assignments. Those who meet these requirements are invited to a celebration at the end of the year, sponsored by our partner Motorola. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Roberts at Village Elementary at 754-322-8750

    Late assignments will not be accepted (after 8AM).