• Reading is an essential skill that needs to be developed in children at a young age. It is necessary for success in future educational endeavors and adult life. The more children read, the better they become at reading. It's just that simple! 

    The more children enjoy what they read, the more they'll pursue and develop their reading skills. Reading should be viewed as a pleasurable activity and source of entertainment. 

    Reading out loud provides children the opportuny to enhance their gammar and phrasing. It also allows for the development of their spoken language skills, and ability to communicate with others.

    Reading exposes kids to new vocabulary and enhances their word knowledge. They might not understand every new word, but they can form meaning from the context to better understand the meaning of it the next time the word is encountered.

    It is important for parents to read aloud so that the children hear correct pronunciation as they listen and see the words on the page.

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