Principal- Rayner Garranchan

  • Mr. Garranchan


  • Dear Nova Parents: 

    What a Spring 2020 we have had!! Challenging from any point of view we look at it. We can say that our “Normal Old Life” will never be the same. We have a “New Norm” before us that we need to embrace. Together as a team, we will clear all the obstacles that we encounter in order to provide our students with the best learning experience possible.

    We are Nova Titans! As Titans, we accomplish any and all goals that we set our minds to. One of the Merriam Webster’s definitions of Titan is: “One that stands out for greatness of achievement.” Therefore, as Titans, we will achieve academic excellence and help each other when the hard times arise.

    The faculty and staff have been training and preparing during the summer to give our students “Virtual, Live, Face to Face Daily Instruction” following their set schedule. The teachers have been developing their skills to deliver engaging lessons in this Virtual format, focusing on high quality instruction that is in alignment with the district’s high standards to challenge our students and increase academic achievement.

    I know this task before us will be difficult and frustrating at times, but together as Nova Titans, we will achieve it!

    I hope you all had a wonderful summer within our circumstances of COVID 19. I plead with you to be safe, stay healthy and respectful of the CDC guidelines.

    I hope to see many of you on August 14th at the New to Nova Orientation and all of you at the Open House on August 20th. VIRTUALLY.

    Your Proud Principal,

    Rayner Garranchan, "Mr. G"