Calendar of Altered Bell Schedule Days

  • Students that have transportation may leave at 12:40 pm on Regular Early Release Days while Professional Study Days are at 11:40 am. A grab and go lunch is provided to all students who would like to eat before they leave campus. School buses will still provide transportation on these days. 


    The School Board of Broward County, Florida and the Broward Teachers Union recognize that improving student performance by focusing on raising academic rigor in teaching and learning is critical to prepare students and staff for global competitiveness. Broward County high schools, through continuous improvement, are focused on meeting the demands associated with preparing students for college and career readiness. Planning and collaborating are necessary components and require additional time for deep collegial conversations within authentic professional learning communities and professional development opportunities in order to meet the unique challenges faced by high schools.

    In accordance with Article 5, Section L, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between The School Board of Broward County, Florida and the Broward Teachers Union, schools have the flexibility on how to utilize up to their current allocation of twenty-seven (27) hours per school year of the total time available for professional development, exclusive of this allocation shall remain uninterrupted, and both parties agree that it is the Districts intent that this time shall be used in a manner as determined by the employee. Both parties agree that joint communication will be provided to all schools as per the terms of this agreement per planning time allocation. Professional development activities shall be scheduled on planning days and two additional early release days (exclusive of the four (4) early release days specified in Article 5, Section W as part of the aforementioned 27 hours.