Deerfield Beach High School Profile


    1. To emphasize that the students we teach are as important as the subject we teach.
    2. To foster an appreciation for learning as a rewarding, life-long process.
    3. To establish an atmosphere for learning in a secure and orderly environment.
    4. To establish a climate in which high performance comes within a framework of high expectations and standards.
    5. To provide opportunities for students to develop positive self-images and self-discipline, leading to respect for the worth and dignity of each other.
    6. To help students become aware of the need for healthy habits related to personal cleanliness, proper diet, and basic care of body and mind.
    7. To offer a broad curriculum responding to our student’s needs, abilities, and interests, including specific programs for the mentally, physically, and emotionally handicapped as well as the advanced, and basic students.
    8. To regularly assess the curriculum and teaching methods so that learning activities reflect needed change yet retain those qualities of proven value.
    9. To incorporate within each area of curriculum an interdisciplinary approach to education.
    10. To emphasize the learning of skills, which enable students to meet the challenges of a changing technological world.
    11. To offer students the opportunity to participate in curricular and extracurricular programs that encourages them to broaden their talents.
    12. To strive to present a better use of languages as an important tool to improve communications.
    13. To encourage students, parents, staff, and the community to live in harmony and to work toward mutual goals.
    14. To recognize that the community, staff, and student body have a vested interest in the educational process at Deerfield Beach High School and, therefore, have a shared responsibility for that process.


  • The mission of Deerfield Beach High School is to provide our students the best education in a safe and positive environment, conducive to their social, emotional, and academic growth.

Philosophy and Goals

  • The administration, faculty, and staff of Deerfield Beach High School believe that educating students is teaching students how to learn. In providing students with thinking and learning skills, we enable them to become productive, self-sufficient, and responsible citizens. Deerfield Beach High School is fortunate to have students from different ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe that the composition of our student body provides an excellent resource to teach an appreciation for differences of people within a spirit of cooperation.

    We believe that education must address the “whole person”, and that the social, intellectual, and physical needs can not be separated. This holistic approach to education results in an integrated curriculum rich in knowledge and experience.