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  • Training students today to become teachers and future leaders through the Urban Teaching Academy Program (U.T.A.P.). U.T.A.P. provides a rigorous curriculum and extensive field experience to prepare highly qualified candidates to enter the teaching profession. Students are given actual “hands-on” opportunities to teach primary or secondary school students under the leadership of experienced teachers. Students will have an opportunity for scholarships when involved in the professional organization Future Educators Association.

    The vision is for students to complete a four-year program that they matriculate thoroughly prepared for the 21st century workplace. In order for students to become college and career ready, the following steps must be taken into action:

    • Field experience and apprenticeship opportunities through community partnerships

    • College/university tours to observe the academic and social life of postsecondary education

    • Supportive and well-trained personnel that are committed to the vision of training future teachers and managers

    • Incorporating technology that drives instruction and promotes obtaining industry certifications

    • Preparing students for college by infusing national achievement testing strategies into the curriculum

    OPEN HOUSE will take place on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - 6:30pm


    Acceptance of a Magnet Program for high school students is based on academic performance. Exceptional education students with disabilities must meet magnet school entry requirements that will ensure the student’s success in the magnet program. English Language Learners (E.L.L.) must have F.S.A. or nationally standardized test scores in reading and/or mathematics and the G.P.A. as required criteria for specific magnet programs as described in Policy.

    For all high school programs, unless otherwise noted, there is a review process for students who do not meet the following established entrance criteria for the Urban Teacher Academy.

    • G.P.A. - 2.5

    • Level 3 or greater F.S.A. score (E.L.A. & Math)


    Applications to the C.B.A. program are being accepted from December 1, 2021 - February 1, 2022. Contact the Communications/Broadcast Arts Magnet Office for more information on how to apply - 754.322.0674

    If your student is currently enrolled in a Broward County Public School and you wish to apply click here.

    If Deerfield Beach is your boundary High School and you wish to attend click here.