Assistant Principal's Message

  • Welcome Back Broadview Students, Parents and Families!

    Dear Parents and Students, 
    Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a fantastic and rejuvenating spring break filled with laughter, fun and cherished moments with loved ones. As we return to school, let's embrace the remainder of the academic year with enthusiasm and determination. The final stretch holds countless opportunities for growth, learning, and success. Together, we can make these last months truly memorable and rewarding. Remember, being punctual and attending school regularly are crucial steps towards achieving our goals. By being present and engaged in your class, we not only maximize our own learning but also contribute to the vibrant and supportive community here at Broadview. With state assessments on the horizon, let's focus our efforts and channel our determination towards performing at our best. Each day is an opportunity to refine our skills, expand our knowledge, and showcase our capabilities. Parents, thank you for your continued support and partnership in your child's education journey. Your involvement and encouragement play a vital role in their academic success, and we are truly grateful for your dedication. Students, your potential is limitless, and I have every confidence that you will rise to the occasion and EXCEL in all that you do!
    Let's finish this school year strong, together! Wishing you all a fantastic return to school and a successful end to the academic year. 
    Your Partner in Education, 
    Mrs. Most 
    Assistant Principal 
    Broadview Elementary School