• Music at Deerfield Beach Elementary

       Piano saxophone drums violin French horn

     Music at Deerfield Beach Elementary is hands on and interactive. We promote higher level thinking and engagement by having our students play pieces of music with several different parts or instruments. Our students play xylophones, pianos, Orff percussion instruments, and sing. They are also learning music fundamentals such as note values, rhythms, and tempo. We have two large after school clubs, chorus and percussion, that perform in our shows and encourage school involvement.

  • Deerfield Beach Elementary Art Education

    paint on a pallet  

    The goals for the curriculum and instruction in art education at DBES are based on the four foundational disciplines of art and align with the National Standards for Visual Arts Education.

    Art Production (the making of art), Art History (exploration of the artistic heritage of many cultures), Art Criticism (analysis of qualities and features of art), Aesthetics (thinking about art and making informed judgments about art)

    The study of art provides students the opportunity to enhance higher level thinking and the ability to analyze, reflect and make judgments. The PK- 5 art program provides a standards based curriculum that aligns with the Florida Sunshine State Standards.

    The students will study different styles of art, explore various techniques and learn about how art has impacted society and cultures for thousands of years. They will create art by experimenting and exploring with a variety of media. Students will learn about various periods of art, famous artists both past and present, art appreciation and create their own masterpieces based on the elements and principles of design.

    The arts develop skills needed by the 21st century learner based on critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication and teamwork. The DBES art education program provides many opportunities each year for students to build and enhance character education traits and a respect for themselves and others when they participate in philanthropic art with our annual “Projects with a Purpose” fundraiser. Students also participate in art club, various art shows and exhibits around Broward County including Youth Art Month, Pinwheels For Peace, the annual DBES Art and Music Showcase and the annual Deerfield Beach Festival of the Arts.

    SuzAnne Devine Clark, B.F.A, M.A.Ed.

    National Board Certified Teacher (2003-2023)

  • Deerfield Beach Elementary Physical Education

    Baseball tennis ball soccer ball volley ball

    The goal of the elementary physical education program at Deerfield Beach Elementary is to provide students with a standard based, balanced, sequential and skill-based educational activity program. The program aimed at Pre-k through fifth grade students includes basic movement concepts and skills that are age and developmentally appropriate. This helps establish and lead to the development of motor skills, knowledge and fitness values, which are needed to establish and maintain a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Our program is designed and aligned with the Florida Sunshine State Standards for Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education Resource guide, the Elementary Physical Education Curriculum Guide and the Fitnessgram assessment program.

    I have an exciting, fun, skill-based year planned with lots of high energy fitness activities and games. We will participate in walk/bike to school day, field day, kids heart challenge, water safety and making memories from PE class.

    To promote safety in all our Physical Education classes, the dress code will be: Shoes: Sneakers or tennis shoes only! Athletic shoes must be tied, velcroed or zipped! The entire foot must be covered for safety. Students are encouraged to bring a WATER BOTTLE WITH WATER ONLY to PE.

    If your child needs to be excused from Physical Education for more than one class period, please provide a written note.

    I look forward to helping your child develop a love for lifelong fitness skills. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at (754) 322-6100.

    Crystal Lucas, Physical Education Teacher