Targeted Instruction

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    Targeted instruction

    In targeted instruction the instructor aligns to specific student needs and learning goals.

    Classroom Goals: (ordered from emerging to sustaining)

    • There are clear routines and procedures in place to support the teacher's PL instructional model and allow for targeted instruction
    • Teacher-led instruction is differentiated for individual or groups of students
    • Groups are based on quantitative or qualitative data (digital content, conferencing notes, exit tickets, benchmarks, interest, need etc.) 
    • Station work is differentiated in process or product (varying levels of complexity and process)
    • Teacher formatively assesses students and adjusts instruction in real-time
    • Informal assessment is happening throughout the lesson


    Students work through learning playlists, designed by teachers to align structured learning opportunities to a learning goal. Students are able to choose from the activities each day, monitoring their progress and making informed decisions to ensure they complete the required activities, with the option to work on extension activities. Within the classroom rotations, students can select from independent practice, small group instruction with the teacher, group work, math games, and online instruction.

    Small group instruction is one of the teachers’ key levers for supporting students. Teachers often utilize the time to review student dataset goals, support struggling students, and teach, reteach, or remediate instruction. Though students self-select into activities like small group instruction, teachers will often suggest or request particular students to participate, utilizing data points to target supports based on student needs.

    Student Does

    • Selects learning activity, including small group instruction.
    • Monitors progress on weekly playlist.

    Teacher Does

    • Leads small group instruction based on student needs.
    • Circulates to support students working on other learning activities.

    Technology Does

    • Supports student learning through online software.