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    Program Outlook:
    Parents & Families welcome to Deerfield Beach Elementary CHAMPions Aftercare Program or (DBEA C.H.A.M.P.S). We are pleased to share with you a first-hand outlook of our program along with our Mission, Philosophy, and Goals for Deerfield Beach Elementary Aftercare (DBEA) CHAMPS. As always, our goal is to provide you with a clear picture of what our program offers and provides for our shareholders and community. We host exciting and amazing projects/events that our students in the program experience on a consistent basis. These projects/events include everything from engaging activities that foster partnerships, teamwork, and social skills to enrichment curricula to help our students mature and become the “CHAMPions” they are intended to be! The acronym for C.H.A.M.P.S stands for Creative and Hardworking Achievers Maximizing their Potential and Success. It is our pleasure to serve you and your family, and I thank you for trusting me (Raymond Hanna), our program, and staff with the care and safety of your child(ren), our students. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about our services, application process, or any matter related to our program. I can be reached by telephone at (754-322-6111) or by email: Raymond Hanna Jr
    Thank you

    The mission of the Deerfield Beach Elementary Aftercare (DBEA) Program is to maximize after school hours by providing parents and students with a safe, inclusive, academically-oriented high-quality aftercare program that identifies the multiple intelligences, interests, and ambitions of students in order to collectively develop a personalized-interdisciplinary curriculum that fosters individualized academic and social success, thus increasing opportunities for extended learning and improving overall school performance.


    The DBEA Program employs a project-based approach to student enrichment, in order to enable all of our students to achieve personalized academic and social development (which varies from student to student). Children who attend our DBEA Program come from a range of economic, ethnic, social, physical, and religious backgrounds. Moreover, our DBEA Instructors reflect the diversity that exists in our program; it is large part of what makes us so successful. And when our intricate curriculum (which consists of various types of sensory play, academic instruction, academic games, educational resources, dramatic play, and a myriad of other developmental activities) is combined with a high quality of care, you get our formula for student success and an environment where children can not only develop, but also thrive.


    The goals of the DBEA Program are to 1) improve academic skills; 2) increase awareness of one’s cognitive process; 3) increase global perspective; 4) improve social skills; 5) increase a desire to learn; 6) improve health-related choices; and 7) improve communication between In-School Time Staff and Out-Of-School Time Staff.
    DBEA Program/Activity Explanations


Registration and Fees

  • The registration process for the Deerfield Beach Elementary Aftercare program must be completed “online-only” due to current physical distancing requirements and expectations. Directions are listed below. Please note that the “application” is not the same as the “registration”. An application is completing all forms and documents while being registered is the receipting of payments for the program. Completing an application “does not” guarantee a seat in the program, however, it does secure a seat until payment is receipted. Once you have remitted your payment via our online payment platform, your child(ren) seat(s) in the program will be secured.

    Our aftercare provides a fully structured, disciplined, and enriched program for students starting with Pre-Kindergarten (PK) to Fifth grade (5th). Please follow the following steps to apply.
    Select the link below and it will direct you to our Before & After School Child Care Department district site. IMPORTANT: Please download and read the “Parent Handbook” prior to registering for the program. 
    Once you have downloaded and read the Parent Handbook, scroll to the bottom of that website page to choose our school and then press submit.

    • Once you have downloaded and read the Parent Handbook, scroll to the bottom of that website page to choose our school and then press submit.
    • Once the school comes up, select the icon with a paper and pen which states “Click Here To Register”. It will then take you to the page where you will begin your application process.
    • You will be prompted to sign in to open “Program Data Management Systems”. In the “Account Name” section, type the word “Web” and leave the password section blank.
    • Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been submitted with additional information.
    • We will notify families when scholarships will be offered and the website where you can apply.
    • Please feel free to contact our Deerfield Beach Elementary Aftercare with any questions or concerns you may have. Raymond Hanna email: Raymond Hanna Office 754–322–6111.