Magnet Programs

  • The Broward County Public School district is a nationally recognized leader in the quality and diversity of education we offer students. Magnet programs offer educational choices in Broward County Public Schools. While similar courses and programs may be available in comprehensive schools, Magnet programs attract students by offering unique opportunities for in-depth experiences and study in specific areas of interest. Each Magnet program emphasizes a specialized theme. Our goal is to create educational interests, celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity, and foster student achievement.

    Magnet Programs

    • Expand educational choices for students
    • Promote diversity within our schools
    • Set high expectations for all students to improve student achievement
    • Prepare students for further education and the world of work
    • Develop positive school climates with academic emphasis
    • Provide real-life and hands-on experiences
    • Offer mentorship and internship opportunities
  • Arts

    In the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP), students develop through creating, performing, and presenting arts in ways that engage and convey feelings, experiences, and ideas.
    It is through this practice that students acquire new skills and master those skills developed in prior learning.
    Students have opportunities to function as artists, as well as learners of the arts.

    What is the significance of arts in the MYP?
    Arts stimulate young imaginations, challenge perceptions, and develop creative and analytical skills.
    Involvement in the arts encourages students to understand the arts in context and the cultural histories of artworks, supporting the development of an inquiring and empathetic world view.
    Arts challenge and enrich personal identity and build awareness of the aesthetic in a real-world context.

  • Design

    As part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), design challenges all students to:

    • apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problems
    • explore the role of design in both historical and contemporary contexts
    • consider their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action.
    • MYP design focuses on a holistic design process rather than final products and solutions.

    What is the significance of Design in the MYP?
    MYP uses the design cycle as a way to structure:

    • inquiry and analysis of design problems
    • development and creation of feasible solutions
    • testing and evaluation of students’ models, prototypes, products, or systems.

    NFTE (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship)
    The NFTE mission is to activate the entrepreneurial mindset and build startup skills in youth from under-resourced communities, to ensure their success and create a more vibrant society.

    NFTE activates the entrepreneurial mindset and builds startup skills in youth from under-resourced communities to ensure their success and to create a more vibrant society.

    Learn more about the NFTE Advantage.

  • Individuals and Societies

    Individuals and societies incorporate disciplines traditionally studied in the humanities, as well as disciplines in the social sciences. 

    In this subject group, students collect, describe, and analyze data used in studies of societies, test hypotheses, and learn how to interpret complex information, including original source material.

    This focus on real-world examples, research, and analysis is an essential aspect of the subject group.

    What is the significance of individuals and societies in the MYP?
    The subject encourages learners to respect and understand the world around them and equips them with the necessary skills to inquire into historical, contemporary, geographical, political, social, economic, religious, technological, and cultural factors that have an impact on individuals, societies, and environments.

    It encourages learners, both students, and teachers, to consider local and global contexts.

  • Language Acquisition

    The study of additional languages in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides students with the opportunity to develop insights into the features, processes, and craft of language and the concept of culture, and to realize that there are diverse ways of living, viewing and behaving in the world.
    MYP language acquisition is a compulsory component of the MYP in every year of the programme. Schools must provide sustained language learning in at least two languages for each year of the MYP.
    Language and identity . . . Learning to communicate in a variety of ways is fundamental to students’ identity affirmation.

    What is the significance of language acquisition in the MYP?
    The ability to communicate in a variety of modes, in more than one language, is essential to the concept of an international education. The language acquisition course provides a linguistic and academic challenge for students in order to facilitate the best possible educational experience. Students are given the opportunity to develop their language skills to their full potential, as well as the possibility of progressing through various phases over the course of the MYP.

  • Language and Literature (Language Arts)

    Middle Years Programme (MYP) language and literature courses develop skills in six areas:

    • Listening
    • Speaking
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Viewing
    • Presenting

    Inquiry is at the heart of MYP language learning and aims to support students’ understanding by providing them with opportunities to independently and collaboratively investigate, take action, and reflect on their learning. 

    What is the significance of language and literature in the MYP?
    All IB programmes value language as central to the development of critical thinking, which is essential for cultivating intercultural understanding and responsible membership in local, national, and global communities.
    Language is integral to exploring and sustaining personal development and cultural identity and provides an intellectual framework that supports the construction of conceptual understanding.
    As MYP students interact with a range of texts, they generate insight into moral, social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental domains. They continually grow in their abilities to form opinions, make decisions, and reason ethically—all key attributes of an IB learner. 

    View the 6th Grade Diagnostic

  • Language and Literature (Reading)

    The Deerfield Beach Literacy Team’s objective is to challenge students to become the best they can be. We strive to individualize instruction, through differentiated instruction, in order to maximize our students’ learning potential. We nurture our students’ academic growth with academic rigor and research-based teaching and learning strategies.

    Deerfield Beach Middle School’s Literacy Team strives to:

    • Provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for success as well as failure, while promoting physical and mental well-being.
    • Develop life-long learners.
    • Offer opportunities to develop moral and ethical citizens and leaders.
    • Encourage students to be responsible for their own actions.
    • Engender creative self-expression.
    • Encourage independent and critical thinking.
    • Teach respect and understanding of individual differences.
    • Encourage clear and articulate communication in spoken and written form.
    • Have students understand the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge.
    • Promote proficiency in technology as a tool for learning.

  • Mathematics

    In the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP), mathematics promotes both inquiry and application, helping students to develop problem-solving techniques that transcend the discipline and that are useful in the world beyond school.
    The MYP mathematics framework encompasses number, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, statistics, and probability.

    Students in the MYP learn how to represent information, to explore and model situations, and to find solutions to familiar and unfamiliar problems. These are skills that are useful in a wide range of areas, including social sciences and the arts.

    What is the significance of mathematics in the MYP?
    MYP mathematics aims to equip all students with the knowledge, understanding, and intellectual capabilities to address further courses in mathematics, as well as to prepare those students who will use mathematics in their studies, workplaces, and everyday life.
    Mathematics provides an important foundation for the study of sciences, engineering, and technology, as well as a variety of applications in other fields.

  • Physical and Health Education

    In the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP), physical and health education empowers students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active and to develop the motivation for making healthy life choices.

    Physical and health education focuses on both learning about and learning through physical activity. Both dimensions help students to develop approaches to learning (ATL) skills across the curriculum.MYP physical and health education courses must engage students in physical education activities for at least half of the total teaching time allocated to the subject group.

    What is the significance of MYP physical and health education?
    Physical and health education courses foster the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will contribute to a student’s balanced and healthy lifestyle. Through opportunities for active learning, courses in this subject group embody and promote the holistic nature of well-being. Through physical and health education, students can learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, and develop effective collaboration and communication skills. This subject area also offers many opportunities to build positive interpersonal relationships that can help students to develop a sense of social responsibility.

  • Science

    The Middle Years Programme (MYP) sciences framework encourages students to investigate issues through research, observation, and experimentation, working independently, and collaboratively.

    As they investigate real examples of science application, students will discover the tensions and dependencies between science and morality, ethics, culture, economics, politics, and the environment.

    What is the significance of sciences in the MYP?
    Scientific inquiry fosters critical and creative thinking about research and design, as well as the identification of assumptions and alternative explanations.

    Through MYP sciences, students will learn to appreciate and respect the ideas of others, gain good ethical-reasoning skills, and further develop their sense of responsibility as members of local and global communities.


  • Magnet Programs are open to qualified students throughout the state of Florida. All students entering grades K-12 may apply. Students must be five years old by September 1st to enter kindergarten. All students will demonstrate good conduct. At the secondary level, academic/talent entrance criteria have been established for admission to each Magnet Program as a means of promoting student success. Learn more about the academic requirements for middle and high school students. 

    The School Board of Broward County is committed to providing settings for education that promote understanding of diversity, tolerance and fair play, so that the positive tenets of a democratic society are reinforced by what students experience in schools. In the Broward County Public Schools, diversity is broadly defined to include students of different genders, of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, of various socioeconomic circumstances, those who speak English as a second language, and those who have exceptional and special needs.

Application Information

    • Before completing a magnet application, you will need to ensure that your child has a student identification number with Broward County Public Schools. You may secure the identification number from your child's home boundary school or any public school in Broward County.
    • Faxed or incomplete applications will NOT be processed. Only one application per student will be accepted. Applications received or postmarked after February 8, 2021 will be processed at a later date pending space availability.
    • Students applying to kindergarten must be five years old by September 1st.
    • All Middle School and High School applicants must submit a copy of their most recent report card by mail, fax, or email.

    All report cards and FSA test scores can be submitted by mail, fax, or email:

    Broward County Public Schools
    Office of School Choice
    600 SE 3RD Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
    Tel: 754-321-2480
    Fax: 754-321-2489

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