The Mission of Davie Elementary School is to provide a strong, safe academic setting in which excellence is the standard for all students, through a combined partnership of home, school and the community.  


    We accomplish these goals by focusing on teacher/student relationships, demanding high performance, holding to high expectations through implementation and monitoring, and by providing opportunities for self-exploration and self-development. We also have a strong community support through our P.T.O. who provides excellent participation by volunteering, fund raising, and staff support. The faculty and staff of Davie Elementary believes in the worth and dignity of each individual student. We believe that each student should receive individualized/differentiated instruction.  


    We believe that all students should take ownership of their learning. We provide an environment where students are exposed to multi-meaningful experiences in various modes of learning, using available technology and teaching strategies. We believe in an on-going partnership among the school, home and community to help each student acquire a positive self-concept, respect for oneself and others, and the knowledge that each is responsible for his or her own academic and social success.  


    It is our belief that:  


    • Quality education results from a partnership that is shared among the home, school and community.  

    • A safe, orderly and caring environment is necessary for learning.  

    • Each child needs to learn to be responsible for his/her own actions.  

    • We should provide each student with an education consistent with his individual differences, needs and interests.  

    • The teaching environment should provide appropriate activities to meet the child’s diverse needs.  

    • It is important to provide a quality education which focuses on teaching children how to learn while encouraging curiosity, creativity and a love for knowledge.  

    • The quality of each child’s education is greatly determined by the commitment and involvement of the family.  

    • Each child deserves respect for his/her uniqueness of heritage, ethnicity and beliefs.  

    • We should prepare students for the future by exposing them to a technology rich learning experience.