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    Computer Advice from
    Davie Elementary's Micro Technician
    Running into problems using the school computer or logging your child onto Clever? Here are some helpful hints from our resident Micro Technician, Mr. Barclay Quatremain.  If your problem persists, please contact the Broward County Schools' Support team or email Mr. Quatremain at: barclay.quatremain@browardschools.com. Please include your name, your student's name and a contact phone number (preferably a cell phone number, as it is easier to communicate through text) and a brief description of the issue you are having.

    Si es necesario comunicarse con el Sr. Barclay, nuestra escuela MicroTech, y le resulta más cómodo escribirle en español, por favor hágalo.  También escriba su nombre, el nombre de los estudiantes y un teléfono de contacto para mensajes de texto si es más fácil comunicarse de esa manera.  Puede ser contactado en Barclay.Quatremain@Browardschools.com.  Gracias

    Technology Tips from Mr. Quatremain

    75% of all computer problems can be solved by restarting the laptop.  To do this, click on these icons in the following order:

    computer restart instructions

    How To Log In To The New Updated Laptops




    Problems Logging into the Adobe Flash Player in iReady Math.

    How to Accessing Clever: 
    There are five easy steps to logging on to Clever. Click on your preferred language below to view them:

    Issues with The Microphone on your Computer?.

    Need a Translator for Chrome:
    Google has a Chrome extension called the Google Translator that can be downloaded on to your Chrome browser that will translate content in Canvas to a variety of languages.
    For instructions on how to download please click on the appropriate link(s) below:
    Google Translate Chrome Extension Instructions:
    *ENGLISH:  Google Translate Chrome Extension – How To
    *SPANISH:  Como utilizar la extensión de Google Chrome Translate
    *KREYOL:   Teknik pou enstale Ekstansyon pou tradui paj wèb nan Google Chrome
    *PORTUGUESE:  Google Chrome Tradutor – Como acessar

    Faculty contact information.

    Click Here to View Help for Password Problems.
    Please also be advised that if your child's password begins with a capital "P", make sure  NOT to use the CAPS LOCK KEY, instead strike the letter P while holding down the shift key and then release the shift key, otherwise most log in errors have been because the caps lock key stayed on.

    First Time Logging On:
    The first time you log in to a school computer, you will see a message saying that TEAMS is being installed.  You need to wait until the welcome screen pops up and click on the word "NEXT", THEN follow the instructions(reading tips and how to). When it's done you will be automatically logged in from your AD log in to the computer. You can minimize the window.

    What is the Next Step After Logging Into Computer:
    Open Google Chrome (unless it has already opened automatically). Google Chrome will load to the Clever login screen. Here you will see two login choices, "AD" or "Badges".  Choose "AD" which is the top one. You will then be taken directly to your child's class page.

    Problem: You're Getting Calls Saying Your Child is Not Using Clever
    Are you are getting phone calls from the school that say your child has not logged into Clever for several days, and yet you know that they have been using Clever every day?

    This is usually caused when your child has not logged out on a previous day. This can happen if your child closes the lid to the computer (which puts it to sleep), but does not turn it all the way off. Have your child make sure they either turn off the computer or log out of Chrome at the end of each day--which will in turn log them out of Clever. When they log in the next day, the system will recognize it as a new session.
    Cuando su estudiante haya iniciado sesión en la computadora, pídales que elijan Chrome como navegador, debe ir automáticamente a la pantalla de inicio de sesión inteligente donde lo eligen por AD.  Al final o cada día, cierre Chrome para que se cierre la sesión y, al día siguiente, cuando accedan a Chrome e inicien sesión, contará como un nuevo día de asistencia.  Gracias.

    Helpful Hint: More Than One School Laptop in the House
    Do you have more than one child in your house who is a Broward County Public Schools student and using a school laptop?
    Don't let the students use each other's laptops.  If they are using someone else's computer, they won't  be able to log in.  A profile for each child was programmed into the computers at the time they were distributed. 

    Problem: "Other User" Message on School Computer
    When your child starts the computer  do you see the following message with the words "Other user" where your child's name should appear?Other User message
    This message will appear automatically each time the computer is shut down and restarted. Put your child's student I.D. number (also known as their "06" number or "P" number) into the section that says "user name".  Your child was previously given the password by their teacher.  If the student i.d./"06" and the password are logged in correctly your child's name will appear on the screen and they will be able to continue using the computer.
    If your child's name does not appear, try entering the user name and password again. If your child is still not able to log in, email Mr. Quatremain.

    Maintance Issue: Restart Computer Twice a Week
    The Broward Schools technology department will be making periodic up dates to the computers that were loaned by the schools.  If you have one of those computers, it is important that you re-start it at least twice a week so that the updates can be implemented.
    This does not apply to your personal computers.  Only computers that were loaned to you by the school.