• Online Athletic Clearance Procedure:

    1. Visit www.AthleticClearance.com and choose. (Florida)
    2. Watch brief tutorial vide.
    3. REGISTER- Your parent will register with a valid email, username &password. You must type the code to verify you are a human. If you skip this step your account WILL NOT activated and clearance will be delayed. (You will have to contact Athletic Clearance to have a representative activate your account manually)
    4. You will be logged in automatically upon verifying your account & taken to the clearance page.
    5. Select ‘Start Clearance Here” to start the process.
      • Choose the school year in which the student plans to participate: i.e. football in September 2020 would be the 2020-201 school year.
      • Choose the school- Coral Glades (Section 4)
      • Choose the sport the student needs clearance for.
    6. New students to AthleticClearance.com will need to fill out and completer all required fields for student information, educational history, medical history, and signature forms
      • If you have gone through AthleticClearance.com process before, you can select the student & parent/guardian from the dropdown box on those pages.
    7. DONATE to the Coral Glades athletic program for a continued quality experience for your child.
    8. Once you reach the Confirmation Message, you have completed the process.
    9. If you would like to register for additional sports/activities, you may check off those sports below the confirmation message. Electronic signatures will be applied to additional sports/activities.



    **When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent**




    What is my username?

    Your username is the email address that you registered with.

    Multiple Sports

    Once you complete a clearance for one sport and arrive at the Confirmation Message, you will have the option to check off additional sports/activities for the Year. If you decide to participate in an additional sport check boxes by clicking on “Print” under the confirmation message of your original clearance for the specific year.


    The physical form your school uses can be downloaded on physicals page. When the physical is complete please upload the completed form on step #1 as well as turning in a hard copy to the athletic department. Please make a copy for your records.

    Document Library

    This area is meant to store your files so they can be accessed later in the year or perhaps years following. You can either upload your files to the Document Library then apply them to your Clearance on the Physical page and the file will save the Document Library for future use.

    Why haven’t I been cleared?

    Your school will review the information you have submitted and Clear or Deny your student for participation. You will receive an email when the student is cleared.

    My sport is not listed

    Contact Coral Glades Athletic Director- Howie Schrager at Coral hschrager@browardschools.com and ask for you sport to be activated.



    Please make a photo copy of your insurance card and upload it to Athletic Clearance and submit a copy with your paper work.


    Coral Glades High School

    2700 Sportsplex Drive Coral Springs, FL 33065 browardschools.com/coral glades

    Principal- Dr. Mark Kaplan

    Athletic Director- Howie Schrager

    Assistant Principal over Athletics- Brian Jassem