Gifted Academy Information

  • Dear Parents and Guardians of Gifted Students;

    The program that is available to Gifted Students entering grades 3-8 is housed on the Parkway Middle School of the Arts campus and centrally located in Lauderhill, Florida.  The gifted cluster offers transportation from all areas of the county that is not available for other innovative programs. The Gifted Academy provides specialized instruction for gifted students who require a differentiated program to meet their special needs.

    Although the classes are gifted-only in core content areas; electives are available in Performing Arts, STEM and foreign language for middle school students. Elementary students participate in a variety of these classes as well. The Gifted Academy educational environment values and enhances the gifted student’s ability, passion, creativity, and task commitment.

    Key aspects of Gifted Academy are:
    • Gifted-only classes offer intellectual peer groups not always possible in traditional schools
    • A model school for differentiated instruction
    • Acceleration in reading and math based on ability
    • Unique opportunities in an award-winning performing and visual arts program for students in grades 6-8
    • District-wide transportation
    • Experienced gifted endorsed teachers with continuous staff development support from experts in gifted education
    • Expert steering and consultative support from leading authorities in gifted education
    • Opportunities to participate in STEM classes based upon availability in grades 6 through 8
    • Specially designed electives for elementary students
    • Mock trial and speech and debate for middle school students
    • District and state competitions across the curriculum
    • Enhanced research and performance opportunities

    Contact Ms. Laurie Mallis at or 754-322-4064 if you have any questions or want to schedule a tour.

  • What will make this program different from any other gifted program?

    • The program will focus on the social/emotional needs of gifted students, not just academic
    • Personalized learning paths
    • Provide enrichment clusters throughout the year based on student responses to interest surveys
    • Competency-based curriculum-students can move as fast as they can demonstrate mastery in a content area, no ceiling
    • Project-Based Learning imbedded in each core content class
    • Students will be with like-minded peers
    • Core content classes are self-contained with Gifted endorsed teachers or teachers working on their endorsement
    • A wide range of electives in our Performing Arts and STEM classes
    • Less emphasis on acceleration, more emphasis on enrichment (going deeper and broader, not just faster)
    • Technology use is an integral part of the program
    • A technology-enhanced flexible learning environment where students can work collaboratively and independently on projects

  • What will the curriculum look like for students at the Gifted Academies?

    • Students are enrolled in the core content courses with only gifted students.  High school math courses are predominantly gifted, but also may contain high achievers.  
    • Students will work in collaborative groups in each core content class to complete projects (going deeper and broader)
    • EMF, GEM, GEARS, and High School Physical Science are available.
    • Block schedule - gives the students more elective options - 4 classes each day
    • Select electives are made up of predominantly gifted students as well based upon student request.

  • What electives are offered at Parkway Middle?

    At Parkway Middle School, the following electives are offered:

    • Performing Arts: Ballet, Chorus, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Modern Dance, Orchestra,
      Piano, Music Production, Technical Theatre (Production and Design), Theatre, Visual
      Arts, Sculpting
    • STEM: Architectural and Engineering Design, Computer Science, Horticulture-Modern
      Food Production and Healthy Living, Robotics, Fashion Technology, and Wearable Art,
      Performing Arts Technology, Sustainable Environmental Research, and Design
    • Other Electives: Foreign languages, Speech and Debate, Robotics, PE, African American History, Gardening, Culinary Arts, JROTC, Financial Literacy, Journalism/Yearbook...

  • Are there any additional eligibility requirement besides being eligible for gifted?

    No. The only eligibility requirement to apply for the Gifted Academies is for the student
    to be eligible for gifted services.

  • Is there a deadline to complete the application?

    Applications will continue to be accepted until all seats are filled. Once the seats are filled, additional applications will be placed on a waiting list.

  • How and when will you place the students in the program?

    • Invitations will go out to all current 2nd through 9th grade gifted eligible students (mail, email, robocalls, GAC, matriculation meetings, and district meetings)
    • The application will be available online
    • Tours of the school will be available

  • Is there transportation?

    Yes.  Transportation is provided to and from all areas of the county.