• Welcome to Parkway Middle School Guidance Department Page!
    The Counseling Department supports and promotes every student’s goals to achieve success in school. We advocate for students’ educational needs and work to ensure that these needs are addressed at every level of the school experience. We will help students establish their educational paths and provide them with all the information necessary to succeed. We aim to create a trusting environment for our students and encourage them to speak to us with any concerns – educational or personal – so that we may help them achieve their output potential.

    The mission of the Parkway Middle School Counseling program is to prepare our scholars with the essential skills needed to develop life-long social, emotional, and academic success and well-being. As counselors, we prepare students for successful transitions between Middle School and High School. Our students are provided opportunities to explore the relationships of academics to the world of work and to the community, including building the types of connections that will support and strengthen their future success.