Visual Arts

  • The Two Dimensional Art Program will include:

    • Design: The study of the design elements and principles.
    • Drawing: The use of contour line, gesture drawing, mass value and line, portraits and figure drawing.
    • Painting: Working with watercolor painting, acrylic paints, tempera and gauche.
    • Mixed Media: Working with printmaking, lettering, and collage.

    The Three Dimensional Art Program is an intense study of creation of three dimensional forms through a variety of media. The students will receive an advanced understanding of three dimensional form by being able to respond to a variety of media. Students will be introduced to 3-D Design, Properties of Clay, and 3-Dimensional Structures.

    Photography: Photography will introduce the student to the art of expression and composition as captured through the camera’s viewfinder.  The student will learn the basics of photography and will shoot and develop photographs.

    Linda Dimeo

    Ms. Dimeo graduated from FAU with a BA in English Literature. She is state certified in Art grades K-12. She has Esol and Middle school endorsement and is certified to teach gifted.
    She has 30 credits toward a master’s degree in literature. She has been at Parkway for 25 years and teaching art for the last 24 years. She serves on a church restoration committee in Italy where she often spends her summer vacations.