• DBMS Media Center is not only essential to and supportive of our school curriculum, but also provides an instrument for exploration outside the prescribed course of study. The Media Center provides a wide range of resources & information to satisfy the educational needs and curiosity of students as well as meeting the needs of our staff and parents. Materials are selected to meet the wide range of individual learning styles. We are pleased to provide a place where students may explore classroom subjects that interest them, expand their imagination, look into areas of personal interest, while developing the ability to think clearly, critically, and creatively about the resources they have chosen to read, hear, or view. Here we encourage students to appreciate the value of literature in an educated society. For home access, pick up a pamphlet from the media center for passwords.

    Our Media Center serves the needs of all students and staff members by providing materials, resources and services in type, level, and subject matter appropriate with the goals of our school and community. Media Center resources provide a wide variety of teaching and learning styles.