• Design

    As part of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), design challenges all students to:

    • apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problems
    • explore the role of design in both historical and contemporary contexts
    • consider their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action. 

    MYP design focuses a holistic design process rather than final products and solutions.

    What is the significance of Design in the MYP?

    MYP uses the design cycle as a way to structure:

    • inquiry and analysis of design problems
    • development and creation of feasible solutions
    • testing and evaluation of students’ models, prototypes, products or systems.

  • NFTE (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship)

    The NFTE mission is to activate the entrepreneurial mindset and build startup skills in youth from under-resourced communities, to ensure their success and create a more vibrant society.

    NFTE activates the entrepreneurial mindset and builds startup skills in youth from under-resourced communities to ensure their success and to create a more vibrant society

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