• Math Assignments

    Summer Math Assignments


    As academic standards become more rigorous, the WHS Math Department would like to provide our students with opportunities to be successful in their next math course of study.

    It has been our experience that many prerequisite mathematical skills are lost due to the absence of regular practice over the summer. The loss of these pertinent skills may contribute to unnecessary frustration for students as they begin their next level of mathematical study in the new school year. Retaining certain skills as students move from one math course to another is crucial to their academic performance. 

    For these reasons, a summer assignment has been prepared for all incoming students.

    Students will need to complete the summer assignment indicated for the mathematics course(s) they are enrolled in. Teachers will expect that all work is completed and submitted on the first day of school, by either printing the corresponding packet, or writing your answers on a separate piece of paper (and for selected courses upload the documents to a shared folder), with all work shown.    

    Please contact me with any questions.
    Thanks for all your help.

    Jeff RosenMathematics Department ChairWestern High School754-323-2400

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  • AP Literature & Composition

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