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    At this moment, BCAA is allowing winter sports to compete with the necessary screening. Spring sports will be allowed to start CONDITIONING on 1/14 and PRACTICES WITH EQUIPMENT on 1/28. Athletes will not be allowed to work out if they are not up to date in DragonFly Max. No exceptions will be made to this. Updated forms must be submitted to DragonFly Max account prior to the first day of practices. All necessary forms can be found under the FORMS tab above. Upon the start of workouts, athletes will go through a multiple-step screening to try to prevent any spread of COVID-19. Athletes will not be permitted to simply walk into the practice. More information will be posted when it becomes available from the FHSAA, BCAA, and BCPS.
    Once you have arrived on campus, you will report to your team's screening station where you will complete the symptom checklist and survey, and have your temperature and pulse/oxygen levels taken.
    Athletes must bring their own water bottles, and have masks on at all times aside from during workouts. 
  • Athletics plays an important part in a child's life. Team sports and activities promote good physical health, social skills, and communication skills. When students learn to work together as a team, they build a foundation for good sportsmanship. 

Game Day Schedule

Gameday Tickets

  • Athletic Director(s)

    Dennis Dillon, Athletic Director

    For any questions and/or concerns regarding any of the sports we offer at McArthur, please contact Mr. Dillon at 754-323-1200 or email him at dennis.dillon@browardschools.com

    Abby Ward, Assistant Athletic Director

    Michael Zarra, Assistant Athletic Director

  • Basketball

    Warren Gale, Head Coach

    Thaddeus Ambrose, Assistant Coach

    Nick Moncayo, Assistant Coach

  • Baseball

    Oddibe McDowell, Head Coach

  • Basketball - Girls

    Abby Ward, Head Coach

  • Cheer

    Marceline Pierre, Head Coach

    Melissa Boone, Assistant Coach

  • Cross Country - Boys

    Cecilio Mayers, Head Coach

  • Cross Country - Girls

    Christopher Facey, Head Coach

  • Flag Football

    Johnny Lamar III, Head Coach

  • Football

    Kevin Burnett II, Head Coach

    Benny Theysen, Assistant Coach

  • Soccer - Boys

    Denys Valenzuela, Head Coach

  • Soccer - Girls

    Benny Theysen, Head Coach

  • Softball

    Yaritza Rodriguez, Head Coach

    Javier Rodriguez, Assistant Coach

  • Swimming - Girls/Boys

    Salvatore Grilli, Head Coach

  • Track - Boys

    Cecillio Mayers, Head Coach

  • Track - Girls

    Christopher Facey, Head Coach

    Marilyn Stephens De La Cruz, Assistant Coach

  • Volleyball - Girls/Boys

    Leanne Merchant, Head Coach

  • Wrestling

    Joseph Murphy, Head Coach

    Jose Torres, Assistant Coach

      Covid 19 Game Procedures

      • In order to maintain appropriate social distance during the games, the following procedures will be in place:

        1. Only 50 tickets will be available online starting the Friday before home games. Tickets will not be available online the day of the games. Unsold online tickets will be available at the gate on game day. Each ticket costs $3.
        2. Once you purchase your online ticket, please do not redeem the ticket until you arrive at the ticket gate.
        3. Only parents/guardians will be allowed to attend the games.
        4. We have three sets of bleachers; one on the visitor’s side, and two on the home team’s side. Sitting areas on the bleachers will be clearly marked.
        5. Only 7 people will be allowed to sit in each set of bleachers.
        6. Brown folding chairs will be located on each side of the field for spectators. These chairs will be spaced six feet apart, and spectators are required to sit in the chairs.
        7. If you bring your own chair, please make sure you are sitting at least six feet from anyone else.
        8. Brown folding chairs will also be placed on the sidelines for the players, who are not on the playing field.