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    Message from Mrs. Hall

    Greetings Parkside Families (updated 10/30/2020),

    Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving to all of our families. It is really very hard to believe we are entering the month of November. As crazy as this year’s start has been it really seems to be moving along pretty quickly. We have now been back with students face to face for the last four weeks. So far, our processes and procedures have worked really well with our students who are here. Students have been following the physical distancing, wearing masks and washing and sanitizing on a regular basis. Thank you for this. We still have a few families, who I am addressing, on a daily basis, who continue to arrive after 8:00 am. There are no reasons any student should be running late. As some of you are aware, I am standing out front reminding families and writing down names. Thank you to the many families who are here on time every day.

    I want to take a minute and discuss the procedures for sick students and process when a student is asked to be picked up from school. If students are displaying any of the symptoms related to COVID-19, he or she will be sent to our isolation room and assessed by our nurse. If your child is asked to be picked up from school, he/she MUST not return to school without having a negative COVID test, a PCR, not an antigen test, or quarantine for 10 school days and be symptom free. We must have a medical doctor’s diagnosis before returning to school. We do understand there may be situations where children are just sick. Please remember no child with a fever, vomiting, or any other of the identified illness, should not be at school. For these children, please do not just drop the child off without the proper documentation.

    Thank you to all of the students both here at school and online who have participated in all of the fun activities for Red Ribbon Week. Thank you so much for pictures to share on the announcement page. This is always a really fun time for us at school so we are doing our very best to try to make school as enjoyable as we can for everyone during this time. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, we will try to do a few things to share out what we are most thankful for during this time. First quarter Progress Reports have been submitted and students’ grades are in Pinnacle. In a few weeks we will schedule a few assemblies to recognize students for Honor Roll as well as Student of the Month. I have not scheduled the day and time yet; I am trying to decide whether it will be in the evening or if we want to keep it during the school day. More information will go out in a week with our decision. Please be on the lookout.

    Thank you again for your continued support and all that you do each and every day. We continue to be faced with challenges with this type of delivery of instruction. Teachers, students, staff and all of our parents continue to persevere and push through. This is just a bump in the road (a BIG bump) on our journey through our lives. Continue to stay strong, patient, and understanding during this time. WE truly appreciate all of you. Wishing a month full of many things to be thankful for!

    Laneia Hall, Principal