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The Broward County Debate Initiative is a partnership between local businesses and high school debate programs within Broward County. With sponsorship options ranging from individual tournament travel to full-year team assistance, your investment will help build resumés, teach valuable life skills, and ultimately change lives. 

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Business Luncheon to Support BCPS Debate Initiative

The BCPS debate initiative, a partnership between local businesses and high school debate programs, held an informative luncheon about the program and how businesses can get involved. Click the thumbnail to view a photo slideshow of the event.  

A Peek Inside the Debate Program at Pompano Beach Middle School

BCPS offers one of the largest debate programs in the country, with debate programs at 100 percent of the District's high schools and expanding among middle schools, including Pompano Beach Middle School.

Florida Forensic League Debate

The Florida Forensic League is the State's debate organization and provides students with opportunities to show off their persuasion techniques and learn some valuable life skills along the way. Broward Teen News reported on a tournament involving our high school students.  
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| About the Debate Initiative  


How many schools are included in the initiative?

The Initiative was implemented in the 2012/13 school year with just 15 high schools. Now, in 2016/17 Debate is offered at 100 percent of the District’s middle and high schools. With programs launching at 12 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, three technical colleges, and three alternative education centers.

How many students in the District are participating in the initiative?

There are approximately 12,000 students now participating in debate.

How long has the debate program existed?

Debate programs existed only in a few schools with motivated coaches and supportive administrations for the past three decades. The Initiative expands these opportunities to all Broward students.

What are the expansion plans?

The planned implementation is to expand to more elementary schools. There will be a debate continuum from elementary to middle to high school.   

Why Debate?

Speech and debate students learn research, logic, organization of ideas, manipulation of language, assessment of audience, self-esteem and engagement in world events. These skills not only build better students, they build better college candidates, better employees and better citizens.

Download the Debate Initiative Brochure for complete details about our program.

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To find out how you can get involved and support the Debate Initiative contact:

Susan Cantrick

Megan West


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