• Xello

    Broward County Public Schools is providing Xello for all district students in grades 6-12 to help with college and career planning!  This world-class system is designed to inform students, parents, and schools with:

    • Researching careers, colleges, and majors
    • Finding local and national scholarships and enrichment programs
    • Exploring students’ career interests, learning styles, personality types, and multiple intelligences
    • Building resumes for job and college applications
    • Setting goals and developing personalized plans for success
    • Requesting and sending transcripts. 
    • Learning about success skills, financial planning, self-discovery, and building a support network

    Xello Launch

    Beginning October 1st, students in grades 6-12 will have access to Xello.

    Students will log in with their Single Sign On (SSO) account.

  • Parent Portal

    Parents can also have an account. A family portal gives parents and guardians access to Xello so you can view what they are working on such as your child's skills and interests, explore careers they like, goals and plans, and their future plans. 

    Click here to see what a parent account can do for you.

  • Research careers, colleges, and majors

    Xello contains a wealth of student-friendly content about careers, colleges, majors, and pathways. Robust search filters encourage students to think through factors important to them in considering careers (salary, demand, education level), schools (size, location, costs, application requirements), and programs of study (type, location).

  • Find scholarships and enrichment programs

    Students will be able to search for local and national scholarships, store them in Xello, and work directly on the scholarship application in Xello. Scholarships can be added to their shortlist and students can keep track of their progress by updating the status of their scholarships to indicate that they’ve applied and if they’ve won. 

    BCPS will also add all local scholarships into the system so students can find and match with community-based opportunities..

  • Explore your interests, styles, personality, and intelligences

    Xello helps students discover more about themselves by encouraging them to record and reflect on their strengths, skills, and interests.

    Students can take a variety of research-based self-assessments:

    • Personality Style Assessment
    • Learning Style Assessment
    • Skill Lab Assessment
    • Career Matchmaker

    These results provide recommendations for applying this knowledge to improve study skills, relationships, college selection, and career choices.

  • Build resumes and portfolios for job and college applications

    With built-in guidance and tips, Xello’s resume builder helps middle and high school students of all abilities create a stand-out resume.

  • Set goals and develop personalized plans

    With four primary components— visual planning tools where students can create plans and set goals, a high school course planner, and a college planning tool— students connect the pieces and move from exploration to planning and action.


  • Request transcripts

    Students preparing for college can track their application deadlines, requirements, and progress directly in Xello. Once an application is created, students can easily request transcripts or letters of recommendation.

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