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    To be the promotional and guiding force in advancing a culture where safety, health, and environmental sustainability are core values adopted and practiced throughout all levels of the District.


    To maintain safe & healthy working and learning environments, facilitate increased awareness and efficient use of energy and other natural resources, and ensure regulatory compliance with Federal, State, and District protocol.

  • Team

    Your Environmental Health & Safety Team is made up of three groups in one. We are all working together to keep you, students, visitors, and our environment SAFE. Learn more about each group below.

    Energy Conservation

    Energy Conservation

    Environmental Conservation & Utility Management promotes District activities aimed at conserving our planet’s natural resources and saving money.

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    Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    From inspections of properties, to planning safe walking routes for our students, Health and Safety is involved in every aspect of District life.

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    Environmental Compliance

    Environmental Compliance

    Environmental Compliance activities are guided by laws and regulations to keep our physical environment safe.

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Contact Information

  • Environmental Health & Safety

    4200A NW Tenth Avenue

    Oakland Park, Florida 33309

    Phone: 754-321-4200

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    Alison Witoshynsky


EH&S Safety Manual 2018

Call 911


    Call 911  

    To report a suspicious situation or an incident:
    CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY or general information, questions or concerns please contact the following:
    Broward County Hotline: (954) 831-4000
    Florida Department of Health:
    (800) 342-3557 
    6:00 a.m. to midnight daily