• Monarch SAN Form 2022-2023

    Monarch SANs form 2022-2023

  • Monarch High School Beginning of the Year Presentation

    Monarch High School Beginning of the Year Presentation  (PowerPoint)

  • Monarach Financial Report

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    Monarch Financial Report as of 8/13/19

  • Monarch SAPO

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    Monarch HS SAPO

    Download and complete on the computer.

  • Monarch Ticket Report Log

    Monarch Ticket Report Log (pdf)

    Download this file. Do not input information if open in the browser. It will not print and it will not keep the information.

  • MC Envelope Instructions

    MC Envelope Instructions (pdf)

    Download or read online.

    Please take a moment to look over this information.   


    PLEASE USE BLUE OR BLACK INK ONLY on Money Collection Envelopes.   NO PENCIL OR RED INK.


    You are the first “checker” of the money.  Please make sure student gives you the correct amount.  NO CHECKS are accepted.  Only cash or money order.





    DO NOT ERASE on envelope

    (If you make a mistake just draw one line over what you wrote and initial next to the line) Then continue on next line.  This is so the auditor can see what happened.


    ONLINE (OSP) PAYMENTS ARE NOT TO BE RECORDED ON THE MONIES COLLECTION ENVELOPES.  The teacher/sponsor will receive an email confirmation of every online (OSP) payment, which is kept by the teacher for recordkeeping.  Teachers/Sponsors are to highly encourage parents to use online payment option. 


    AT THE END OF THE COLLECTION PERIOD ALL MONIES COLLECTION ENVELOPES MUST BE RETURNED TO THE BUSINESS SUPPORT SPECIALIST.  All Monies Collection Envelopes are returned the Business Support Specialist regardless if monies were collected.


    Money Collection Envelopes should be brought to the Business Support Specialist or Liaison on the designated date regardless if monies were collected.  Once verified, Monies Collection Envelopes will be returned to the teacher/sponsor, unless Collection Period has ended.  


    Never throw away a collection envelope

    Return all envelopes to Business Support Specialist when collection is completed.



    Thank you for your cooperation.



  • Expense Reimbursement Form

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    Monarch HS Expense Reimbursement (pdf)

    Download to your computer before completing the form. If you complete this form in the browser, the information will not print nor be there if saved.

  • Monarch HS Statement of Revenue

    Monarch HS Statement of Revenue (excel file)

    Download the file above. Do not complete the file online.

  • Financial Report Instructions

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    Financial Report Instructions pdf

  • Monarch Project Approval Form 23_24

    Monarch Project Approval Form 23_24

    Download the form and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

    If you input information while it is open in the browser, you will not be able to save it with what you added to it.

  • Organization Minutes Form

    Organization Minutes Form PDF

    Do not complete the file in the browser, it will not save or print the information. Download the pdf file and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then you can save it, print it, and send it with information.

  • Broward County Financial Report

    This is a pdf form. You must download it and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you enter information in it when it is open in a browser, the information will not save or print.

    BCS Financial Report PDF

  • Cash Reconciliation Form

    Cash Reconciliation Form (Excel File)

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.