• Language Arts is a combination of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In English Language Arts, students will be exposed to rigorous, engaging differentiated instruction, and they will focus on the close- reading of complex texts and the building of analytical skills through the study of a variety of authors and genres. There is also a mindful integration of technology (CANVAS, vocabulary.com, noredink.com, commonlit.org, Mastery Connect, Nearpod, iReady, and Newsela) into the instructional planning process that will enrich the learning experience.


    Students will learn how successful readers think and visualize when they read, interact with, and examine texts. They will also focus on the construction of informative, argumentative, narrative, and research pieces. Additionally, they will learn how to cite and incorporate textual evidence, write summaries, and craft meaningful and concise written responses.



    Ultimately, this class is designed to move students through the materials in a way that minimizes or removes barriers from learning and provides the most support for their mastery of the Language Arts Florida Standards or the B.E.S.T Standards for Language Arts.