Partners and Sponsors

  • Broward County Public Schools offers area businesses advertising and sponsorship opportunities in digital and print publications, and for recognition programs. For more information on how your business or community organization can advertise/sponsor education programs, call 754-321-2300.

  • Career Day

    Many business partners are scheduled to visit classrooms as “guest speakers” for our students. They explain how their business operates, what kinds of skills the employees need, and relate how what the students are learning will translate into the world of work.

    Expertise of the business partner is a valuable experience for students to help them understand what is involved in producing a product, selling in the retail field, providing a service, and other types of business enterprise.

  • Events

    Business partners may want to provide refreshments or supplies for special school events such as author visits, field trips, guest readers,and the Fun Run. Some business partners are members of the School Advisory Council.

  • Recognition

    Our business partners do so much for our students, staff, and parents. We publicize their activities in our newsletters and give credit to them for the many ways they play a role in helping students succeed.

  • Staff Appreciation

    Business partners may also donate items during Staff Appreciation Week that can be used in the classroom. They might donate food treats for the staff or coupons for discounted meals.  They also donate funds for year end awards.

  • Student Incentives

    Business partners contribute many incentives that reward and motivate students to achieve at high levels. Usually, the incentives directly relate to the business. An ice cream store may donate discount cards for delicious treats. Some partners provide pencils with catch phrases or the name of the business.  Others offer reduced price services at their establishments.  In addition, they donate funds from family nights to support academic programs.

Our Business Sponsors

  • This list represents Central Park's Business Sponsors.  These organizations and businesses help us in a myriad of ways, and if you have a chance to show your appreciation with your support, please let them know.

    • Encore Dance Theatre
    • Huntington Learning Center of Plantation
    • i9 Sports