Staff Central

  • The Battalion Staff is Responsible for handling the day-to-day operations of the entire JROTC Program. The staff is divided into 7 individual shops (S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6,S7) in which they are responsible for different tasks, which help ensure the success of our JROTC program. The Staff is overseen by the Battalion Executive Officer, C/MAJ Martine Magloire, and sends daily reports to the Battalion Commander, C/LTC Albert Gonzalez, on the progress they are making. Being on staff is a prestigious opportunity for those who are willing to take charge and lead from the front no matter how difficult any task may come.

  • Battalion Commander

    Battalion Commander The Battalion Commander must be mature, willing to accept responsibility, and able to effectively delegate authority and supervise subordinates. This person commands the battalion at all formations. Prepares for and conducts the training of the battalion on drill days and makes operational decisions for the cadet battalion.

  • Battalion Executive Officers

    Battalion Executive Officer with American flag in the background Battalion Executive Officer in uniform with American flag in the background Battalion Executive Officer's position is usually held by a Leadership, Education and Training level 4 cadet. The duties of the Battalion Executive Officer is to organize the cadet battalion staff properly and ensure that it works as a team. Inspects the work of the cadet battalion staff. Ensure that all battalion staff members are prepared and submit reports on time and that they are engaged in future planning.

  • Battalion Command Sergeant Major

    Battalion Command Sergeant Major The Command Sergeant Major (CSM) must be a mature and responsible person, this position is usually held by a cadet with a Command Sergeant Major rank. The CSM is responsible for assisting subordinate NCOs, the battalion XO, and the adjutant with administrative duties/details.

  • Battalion Adjutant Officer

    S-1 Battalion Adjutant S-1 Battalion Adjutant: Is the administrative assistant to the BC. The S1 is also responsible for performing other administrative duties as assigned by the BC, XO, or instructor staff. He/she is over all ribbons, ranks, and awards. The S1 must be very reliable because he is responsible for all the cadet records and ribbons in the battalion.

  • Battalion Safety & Security Officer

    S-2 Battalion Safety & Security Officer S-2 Battalion Safety & Security Officer: The S2 assists the BC and the instructor staff in matters pertaining to unit safety/security and enforces the provision of the security requirements for the battalion. The safety and security officer must be able to come up with safety slogans to remind the cadets that safety plays a major role in the success of the battalion.

  • Battalion Operations & Training Officer

    S-3 Battalion Operations and Training Officer S-3 Battalion Operations and Training Officer: Assists the Battalion Commander in the preparation, conduct, supervision of all training activities of the cadet battalion, and keeps the commanders informed. The S3 must be a flexible, mature, and responsible person.

  • Battalion Logistics and Supply Officer

    Battalion Logistics and Supply Officer S-4 Battalion Logistics Officer​: The S4 is responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, issue, turn-in, and coordination of security for all U.S. government property.

  • Battalion Public Affair Officer

    S-5 Battalion Public Affairs Officer S-5 Battalion Public Affairs Officer: Acts as the contact between the corps-of-cadets and all news media. This person is in charge of the battalion student publications. He/she publicizes the activities of the Army JROTC program to create an outstanding image. The S5 must be a creative person, who is mature and able to handle the challenges of meeting the visual requirements of the battalion.

  • Battalion Automation Officer

    S-6 Battalion Automation Officer S-6 Battalion Automation Officer: Deals with a monthly inventory of all sensitive items. Makes sure that all technology is working, and updated with latest software.The S6 must be responsible, handy, and mature.

  • Special Projects Officer

    S-7 Battalion Commander Officer S-7 Battalion Commander Officer: Deals with service hours and the organization of special projects. The S-7 must be organized and responsible.