•      Welcome back to another great year of learning! On behalf of the Science Department at McNicol Middle School, I am happy to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. The start of the school year is always a moment of great anticipation and excitement. Whether your child is new to our school, or they are simply returning to our school after a fun-filled summer, this is going to be a very special moment for them. For everyone, students, parents, and teachers alike, there is that wonderful sense of a new beginning and a fresh start. It is natural for students to have a bit of anxiety and maybe even a few questions – what will my teachers be like, who will be in my class, etc. But the focus should always be on the new upcoming adventure of learning and growing.

         To make it all go smoothly, there are a number of things that parents can do to make this educational experience be as positive, productive, and worthwhile as possible. A key responsibility of ours, as parents, is to help our children embrace this moment and prepare them to get the most out of it as possible. What can you do? First and foremost, help create a climate of positive anticipation. When school begins, take the time to engage in the school. Meet the teachers and the school leaders. Introduce yourself. Appreciate the fact that they want to partner with you in helping to nurture and support your child (ren). Believe me when I say that the teachers in the science department can’t wait to work with our students and our teachers today are committed to making a difference. Our science teachers have spent time this summer doing professional development and thinking of ways to make this a great school year.

         Prepare for an adventure. Real adventures in today’s world can be rare, but this educational adventure is real and all about change, growth, and development. There is so much that is happening in our school today. There is the creative use of technology. There is the focus on the development of “21st century learning” and all the opportunities to learn in new and exciting ways. Your child will learn to collaborate, communicate, and think creatively and critically. Above all else, cherish these years with your child. Never lose sight of the fact that time moves quickly and the growth that you will see on a daily basis will seem to flash by you in no time. Appreciate the fact that they have never had as many adults in their lives looking out for their best interests. Helping our children get a strong and vibrant education is a gift – a priceless gift that will last a lifetime.

         In 2017-2018, we experienced an increase of 6 points on the SSA State Test. At this point in time we have not received our test scores for 2018-2019. The Science Department feels that our students were prepared for the test and we are looking forward to at least another 6 point increase. This year with your support, the sky is the limit. If you have any questions about the science program, feel free to email me from the staff directory webpage.


    Charles Montalto

    Science Leading Learner