• What is PASL?

    Personalization for Academic and Social Learning (PASL) is an initiative to meet students “ACADEMICS” and “SOCIO-EMOTIONAL LEARNING” needs.  According to the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools,

    “Personalization for academic and social learning (PASL) represents a systemic school-wide approach to meeting the academic and socio-emotional needs of high school students. PASL refers to the ways in which schools actively encourage students to develop a sense of belonging to the school as a whole, as well as meaningful, positive connections with adults and other students.”

                What does PASL Look Like at Blanche Ely High School?

    When administrators and teachers provide a caring environment for students socially and academically it fosters expectations for student success.  Blanche High School motto is “DESTINATION EXCELLENCE” a vision that enables students to be THINKERS, STRATEGISTS, & PROBLEM SOLVERS, in order to have intellectual growth. 

    Targeted Population

    9th Graders

    Monitoring Tools for PASL-5 Indicators



    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Community Service & Credits

    The Intentional Point of Contact purpose is to engage students and staff in a positive environment conducive to learning and successful student outcomes.

    Research-Based Findings for Your Review.  Click on the links below:

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