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    The Parents Corner is dedicated to parents and caregivers. It is a place to ask questions, gather information, find resources, and familiarize yourself with our website

  • Get Involved

    Get Involved

    We welcome and encourage your assistance in, providing guidance and service to our students, staff, and community including your attendance and participation at PTA meetings, School Advisory Council, and many more activities to come.


  • Conference


    Conferences with parents are an important part of the reporting system. In elementary school, teachers request a minimum of two conferences each year. Teachers and other school staff may request a conference any time that there is concern over a student's progress, behavior, or attendance.

    How to Work With Your Child's Teacher

    1. Get to know your child's teacher(s), and the earlier the better. Don't wait for a special program if there is a problem or if your child has any special needs. It helps teachers to know everything they can about your child.
    2. Share important information that can make it easier for teachers to understand your child. Sometimes things that happen at home can affect how children learn.
    3. Find out what's expected. Ask about homework and other special assignments.
    4. Join the parent-teacher organization. Be sure to volunteer for at least one thing during the year. That way, you'll be making things better for your child . . . . and for all children in the school.

  • Report Card

    Report Cards

    Report Cards are issued four times a year at the end of each quarter (approximately 45 days). A student must be in attendance in a Broward County Public School twenty-five days in order to receive grades.

  • Interim Reports

    Interim Reports

    Interim Reports are sent home midway in the grading periods. The purpose of this reports is to inform you of your child's progress thus far in the quarter. If specific difficulties become apparent, positive action can be taken to correct the situation before the report card is issued.

  • Homework


    Children are encouraged to study at home. Setting aside a definite time each evening for homework will develop good work habits. Routine study time is an excellent plan, particularly if it is done with a parent in a relaxed and positive setting. The classroom teachers will assign homework.

  • Monitoring Your Child's Progress

    Agenda books are an organizational tool that is utilize to keep your child aware of important dates, homework assignments, and used as a communication tool between the teacher and the parent. Please check your child's Agenda booklet daily.

    Attendance at school often determines pupil progress. Students should attend school daily and arrive on time. In the event of an absence a call to the front office is required beginning with the first day and continuing with all subsequent days.

    Remember, the front office must be notified of your child's absence within 48 hours of their absence. After three unexcused absences the parent/guardian is reported to the State District/Attorney's Office. Please make sure your call the Attendance Hotline at 754-322-6252. The attendance line is a message center. When calling in your child's absence, please leave the child's name, teacher's name, date fo absence, and your relationship to the child.