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  • 1. Where will my student attend school if I buy this house?

    Attendance area assignments are subject to change as needed to comply with state-mandated class size and local school concurrency requirements. Broward County Public School District provides equitable education opportunities for all students. School boundary maps are posted online as a convenience to Broward County students and parents. An overall boundary map and several detail maps are available in Adobe Acrobat format.  These maps may provide the information you are looking for or may help you to refine any questions you may have.

    Boundary Maps are intended to give general boundary information for Broward County Public Schools. Users should contact Demographics & Enrollment Planning at (754) 321-2565, for the most current school assigned to a specific address. This is especially true for any new development or current neighborhood near the boundary of a school attendance area.

    Pursuant to School Board Policy 5000, annual school boundary meetings are held throughout the school District when new schools are opening and/or student population growth necessitates school boundary changes. Pursuant to Florida statutes, school attendance areas are recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the School Board on an annual basis as conditions warrant. Please check the Boundary Process Timeline for any upcoming school boundary presentations, meetings, or discussions.

  • 2. I bought my house to go to a specific school. Why would you take people out of the school that they based their house purchase on?

    Attendance areas are not prearranged with developers, realtors, or cities and are not part of any binding mortgage agreements. All school attendance areas are reviewed on an annual basis and may be changed as needed to align student enrollment with school capacity.

  • 3. I want my seven-year-old to attend a particular high school. Will this house be in that high school attendance area two years from now?

    In rapidly growing or declining districts, no one can answer this question. We know that we will have to adjust school boundaries as we build new schools and as existing schools become overcrowded or under-enrolled.  The District reviews enrollment and school capacity annually. Please contact the Demographics & Enrollment Planning Department or see the Boundary Process Timeline for more details concerning the next school year.

  • 4. Does the School District work to return students to their home school if they are found to be using an incorrect address?

    The School Board takes this issue very seriously. School registrars require documentation proving a student's address in order to register a student. If it is suspected that a false address has been given, the District has a Special Investigative Unit (SIU) that is dispatched to verify residence at the address in question. The Demographics & Enrollment Planning Department verifies that the addresses of all students identified as attending their home school are within the boundaries of the schools they are attending. This is done several times a year. Lists of out-of-boundary students are sent to the Regional Offices and individual schools. Students are directed to register at their assigned schools or, when applicable, to apply for proper assignment through the Office of School Choice (754) 321-2480.

  • 5. Why does my child have to be driven past school X in order to attend school Y?

    School assignment is based on each student's primary residential address and the School Board approved school attendance areasSchool attendance areas are designed to contain a number of students to optimally utilize a schools capacity. These attendance areas may have irregular boundaries and therefore students are not always assigned to the school closest to their residence.

  • 6. Some schools have a city or municipality's name, do these schools only enroll students from those cities? Are these city schools?

    No. Broward's public schools are part of the county-at-large.

  • 7. Our neighborhood feels the schools assigned to our area are not appropriate. Why can't we send our children to other schools?

    Parents may apply for a reassignment to a school with available seats in accordance with School Board Policy 5004.1

    For additional information contact the Office of School Choice (754) 321-2480.

  • 8. Why do you move children from schools outside a city into another city?

    Broward County Public Schools are part of the county at-large and provide education to children districtwide.  As a result, school attendance areas do not follow city limits.

  • 9. Do promises made from a builder or realtor to a buyer regarding a school's attendance area (boundary) in any way bind the School Board to honor those promises?

    No. Attendance areas are not prearranged with developers, realtors, or cities and are not part of any binding mortgage agreements.

  • 10. School boundaries affect our home sales and property values. How can we change the schools our neighborhood are assigned to?

    School attendance areas are reviewed annually based on local, state, and federal criteria the District is mandated to meet.  Based on these mandates the School Board votes to adopt the annual school attendance areas.  Community input is collected and shared with the School Board during the annual boundary process prior to the adoption of all school boundaries.

  • 11. We will be residents of a new development that a large number of students will be moving into. Will our boundary schools change because of the large number of people moving here?

    Generally, when new residential developments are built, students are assigned to the school boundary serving the location of the development if the school has capacityIf the school does not have the capacity to accommodate additional enrollment students may be assigned to an adjacent school that has capacity.

  • 12. Why aren't our children allowed to attend schools where they participate in extracurricular activities?

    School attendance areas do not follow municipal limits and are part of a districtwide school system.  Families are allowed to apply for a reassignment to schools offering reassignment seats.

    For additional information contact the Office of School Choice (754) 321-2480.

  • 13. If a boundary change is made when my child is entering the last grade at that school, can my child remain at the school one more year?

    For schools which The School Board has approved a boundary change, and for the first year of the implementation of the boundary change, fifth, eighth, twelfth, and students attending a combination school meeting the highest-grade criteria will receive an automatic approval to remain at the current school. Transportation availability will be determined through the annual school boundary process. Transportation is not guaranteed.

    For additional information contact the Office of School Choice (754) 321-2480.

Last Modified on July 20, 2022