National Summit for Principal Supervisors

  • National Summit for Principal Supervisors

    The National Summit for Principal Supervisors (NSFPS) has brought hundreds of principal supervisors, directors, superintendents, and aspiring principal supervisors together for the last seven years in an enriched learning environment to cultivate the learning experience and help create better leaders. 

    Reflecting, Reinventing, Restructuring: Shifting How We Lead So Schools Can Succeed!

    A one-day, live streaming event with a keynote presentation and workshop sessions.

Keynote Speaker

  • Airick Journey Crabill (born Airick Leonard West in 1979) is an American education reform advocate and public speaker on education reform.

    He currently serves as the national school board governance leader at the Council of the Great City Schools. Prior to this position, he was Texas Education Agency’s Deputy Commissioner for Governance.

    A.J Crabill served eight years (2008–2016) on the board of the Kansas City Public Schools, serving as president for a majority of his tenure.

    Mr. Airick Journey (A.J) Crabill

    Airick Journey (A.J) Crabill
    • American Education Reform Advocate
    • Public Speaker

    Raised in and out of foster care from birth until high school, AJ bounced around enough to have attended 11 schools prior to graduation. He attended urban, suburban and rural schools; private, public, and parochial schools; lived with white families and families of color; lived in racist communities and inclusive communities; experienced loving homes and homelessness.

    Guided by the idea that student outcomes don’t change until adult behaviors change and drawing on his intimate familiarity with the triumphs and terrors of America’s safety nets for children, AJ has devoted much of his life to advocating for the well-being of our nation’s most vulnerable youth.

    AJ currently serves as Conservator at DeSoto, Texas Independent School District; Education Faculty at the Leadership Institute of Nevada in Las Vegas; Director of Governance at the Council for the Great City Schools in Washington, DC; and has served as Board Chair for the Kansas City Public Schools and Deputy Commissioner of Education for the State of Texas.


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